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Certa Stampa – The PD: “Downloads screening among mayors, distributes provincial mayor Tamponi only in its municipality”

Two years after the outbreak, we are once again in a difficult and uncertain situation due to lack of regulation and lack of planning by the regional and local health authorities.

If citizens have been having difficulty in recent days due to long queues at vaccination centers, difficulties in booking third doses, endless waiting for the results of first vaccinations and molecular swabs for children aged 5 to 11, the counter will explode. Is the message to the mayors of the regional governments regarding the screening arrangements for the students during the coordination meeting held on January 4.

In the paper, the Abruzzo Region, by order of the President, has decided to hand over ASL swaps to the entire school population at “all levels” throughout the region. In fact, three days after the scheduled screening, during the consolidation schedule, he asked the mayors to take care of the entire structure of the logistics and operation, including the procurement of administrative and health workers. To make matters worse, the lack of both nasal and saliva wipes that the region must possess, contrary to the ordinance, the regional administration has implicitly imposed on local health officials or cut the bar for all children. Childhood and school staff. It is a completely unacceptable choice in light of the high risk of infection to the younger school population, taking into account both the rules of the ceremonial decree and the order of President Marcelio. It is clear that once again all the responsibilities in managing the epidemic have been placed on the mayors and the inadequacy and progress of the current regional government is manifesting itself with strength.

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A separate response deserves a final event that took place yesterday evening: in the context of the great difficulty on the part of the mayors and the struggle to fulfill what was determined in the coordination table of municipalities, provinces, regions and local health authorities, the first citizen and the president of the province must be guaranteed to abide by the agreements on his social networks The municipality announces the distribution of saliva wipes to all children in infancy.

It is a fact that we take seriously, not only because the students of the entire province have the same right to be protected and to enjoy a secure income, but above all, in view of the dual institutional role of Diego de Bonaventura, in fact, with his own approach, he chose to disrespect the signs he gave himself and his colleagues. Subject to inconvenience in front of citizens.

Piergiorgio Possenti

Provincial Secretary PD Teramo