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Preload and initial access have new dates

Popular mode has been removed from the Rush special list

From Rhonda Bachmann
The developers of Battlefield 2042 have decided to return from the Christmas holidays and launch in the popular Rush mode. It has been removed from the current playlist. Users can still run the mode in a different format, but then have to live with the restrictions.

Community demands did not help either: Rush mode, the most popular among players, has now been removed from the playlist featured on Battlefield 2042. When the mode was introduced after the shooter was launched, DICE announced that Rush would only be temporarily in the game. After positive feedback from the community, Rashin’s term was once extended.

Battlefield 2042 changed the popular mode

Now the mode has been removed from the exclusive playlist and replaced by two new modes: Free for all and Conmaster. The Rush has not completely disappeared since Battlefield 2042: Players can still run the mode on user-defined portal servers, but then have to do with limited experience points.

Rush’s dismissal, though already announced, has not been well received by players. Especially with it Current loss of players Some users may not understand why the developer now removes one of the most popular modes from the playlist. Shortly after the announcement of the new lead developer, You can hear the community loud and clear.

New Lead Developer of Battlefield 2042, Marcus Lehto, recently commented on the current crisis of the game on Twitter. Shortly afterwards, however, his colleague Andy McNamara drew the wrath of wars fans. He described the players’ expectations as brutal Demanded further understanding.

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