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Car maker Stellandis has chosen Amazon to make cars smarter

Car maker Stellandis has chosen Amazon to make cars smarter

It is an exclusive partnership that was formalized during the CES event in Las Vegas. Stellandis has partnered with Amazon as a result of the merger between PSA and Fiat Crysler. The two companies will work hand in hand to create a package of products and services for the group’s various brands of customers.

On the one hand, this includes relying on Amazon devices ’technologies for vehicle-integrated experiences. Alexa voice assistant has already been found in some cars. Its role should now be central. Data on cars connected to the Internet will also be managed by Amazon’s cloud company AWS. Finally, the car manufacturer’s future engineers will be trained specifically on Amazon tools.

Users can expect options

Allows you to control certain features of the car with Alexa, GPS, air conditioning or any other voice for entertainment. After a while, the voice assistant should personalize the user’s experience, the ways they’m used to go, the way people call or even listen to music. Depending on the day and time.

“For example, Chrysler Pacific can offer a travel plan that suggests models, multimedia, restaurants on the way or restaurants along the way., Can also be read in the press release.

Additionally, travelers can use voice control to search for and launch a program or application through the Fire TV streaming device.
Movies and shows can be downloaded in advance if the connection is bad during the trip.

Find out more in the video:

Offers will be available in 2024

L’Express recalls that 12 million Stellandis attached vehicles are already in circulation. That number could rise to 26 million in 2024 and 34 in 2030.

“Data processing allows us to provide many services, such as our own real-time traffic information system, but insurance calculated according to the number of kilometers you have traveled or your driving type, with advice on improving and reducing your bill.”, The group’s software boss Yves Bonnefont, told the French media.

Finally, users have to control the attached house from their vehicle so that the blinds or light can be opened remotely. But the reverse is also true, as is warming up your car before you leave your home. All of these offers will come out in 2024.

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The last point of this large-scale partnership is about Amazon’s delivery process. It will be the first commercial customer for the Ram Promaster Battery Electric (BEV) from Stellandis in 2023 for last mile logistics operations.

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