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WhatsApp, you can plan to send a message: The trick is amazing

WhatsApp, you can plan to send a message: The trick is amazing

Check out the new awesome trick on WhatsApp that allows you to program messages in the app: How to do it.

New trick in the instant messaging app (via screenshot)

His Share There are many tricks that will allow you to upgrade the app. Today we are going to look at one of these that allows you to plan messages on the instant messaging service. Meta. In fact, it often happens that we can not send an important text because we may be busy at work, but we can set them up this way. Then send them automatically. So let’s see what to do.

All we need is a free labeled application SKEDit, Available Google Play Store And App Store. Once installed and delivered Various permissions, You can choose Contact, date and day to send the message. All of this adds up to a blank space that allows you to write whatever you want. Additionally, it allows you to choose whether or not to have one of the features in use Warned with notice Before sending the message automatically. You can then modify the sent message or delete the programming.

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WhatsApp New Important Functionality For Audio: Update Satisfies Everyone

New trick to use in application (via screenshot)

There will always be a lot of news inside Share Although the application does not provide any security messages, the development team continues to work on some tools. Actually the use of the board Meta Has decided to offer the opportunity Please listen again before sending voice messages. The portals took care of announcing it On the edge e iDownloadBlog. So, for a long time, users listened to this feature and finally got it.

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Social channels of social networking took care of the news. We read that here Released for all devices (Android, iOS, web and desktop). Also, the application is self-explanatory. In fact, open any chat and hold on to it Classic microphone button, Located on the lower right. Then when recording audio You can stop sending the message Then repeat it. In addition there will be a logo Dust bin, If the user wants to delete the audio before sending it.