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Capaccio Paestum, Distinguished: Mayor's Order, Download Guide

Capaccio Paestum, Distinguished: Mayor’s Order, Download Guide

CAPACCIO PAESTUM. Waste Disposal and Separate Collection in Capacio Paste: Once entered into practice with the new calendar for recycling, Temple City Mayor Franco Alberi has issued a special order to regulate and regulate the various management phases of waste collection. Organization. Waste and material recovery. This rule prohibits the indiscriminate dumping of segregated and indistinguishable waste on public land by all domestic and non-domestic users, and prohibits the provision of it with different methods and schedules than expected. To advise on command with contribution guides for homes, non-homes and the countryside, Click here.

Therefore, by July 4, all city users, public and private offices, schools at all levels, markets, exhibitions, festivals, craft, commercial and industrial activities must be adapted to the new separate waste collection system. Urban. In this regard, the mayor ordered the municipal police chief to ensure that a special nucleus is created, with ‘Ad Horace’ consisting of at least two agents, who will carry out daily service throughout the term of the contract, aimed at complying with the municipal territory order and, preferably, suppressing the event of dumping waste on public and private lands, Corps already It also uses equipped technology such as camera engines and drones.

Daily and standard sample verification services, with a special focus on the proper delivery of waste from house to house, also focus on accommodation facilities, and utilize the cooperation of Sarim Spa to carry out joint services.

Acceptance of union action takes into account the need to urgently address the widespread occurrence of waste dumping: offenders will be admitted in accordance with city police regulations for the city’s regulated integrated waste management service and the city’s citadel. And protection of citizens.

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Furthermore, for the entire duration of the contract, without any discrimination in the use of the above penalties, according to what is stated on the device, where applicable, violations will be punished with an administrative fine of up to 500 euros: therefore prohibited “Uncontrolled dumping and disposal of waste into the ground and soil, as well as the introduction of any waste into surface water, groundwater and the atmosphere and the violation of the ban on uncontrolled dumping, dumping or dumping in public and private areas. Any waste, garbage, solid residue, semi. Solid and liquid and general waste products and wastes of any type, nature and quantity may be packed in bags or even containers;