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Manu Cornett's comics show life on Google Flex

Manu Cornett’s comics show life on Google Flex

Since the rise of Google as a global company from the start of a small search engine, the company name refers to the mighty Silicon Valley. Workplaces are staffed with plenty of snacks and drinks, which are popular. Recruitment tests are bad because they are reasonable The best of the best Allows you to calculate the chances of passing the first few laps.

But let’s be honest: Google Team Character balances now show nearly 140,000 employees. How many could be better? Manu Garnett, an illustrator and software developer, records that of the hundreds of comics that Google initially distributed locally, life and work at Google headquarters were nothing more than legends. However, as the comics became more and more critical, Garnett was removed. Today he works on Twitter. He published the comics on his website and in a book.

This collection shows the long journey of the Frenchman who hired Google as a software developer in 2007 and initially worked on the Gmail email service. The first comics show the surprise: Garnett explains many free snacks, the ever-increasing salary, the frustration that occurs when you face bureaucratic obstacles at work. At the same time you can find a Googler’s work here. Especially when compared to other companies, the company may seem humorous, but always strives for the best.

Cornet was an unexpected success compared to the corporate structures of the leading companies: Amazon was an organized business pyramid, Oracle was a legal entity with a technology affiliate, and Microsoft was a confusing network of hostile entities. Not only did the New York Times print comics in large format, but Microsoft boss Satya Nadella also took reviews in her own book. Thanks to the new fame, the small developer at Google Gearbox was able to give himself more and more freedom with his comics, after which he also criticized the top management in his own company.

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For example, Google’s manufacturing policy gets its fat again and again because popular services like Google Reader are discontinued because they are not making any profit. Constantly changing product names and surfaces confuse not only the group’s customers but also the developers. Enthusiasm for salary and snacks is declining, but a sense of uneasiness about one’s own status in society is increasing.

From the last few comics you can see that Garnett has no future in the company. His critique is increasingly acidic. From the old Google motto “Do no evil” – in German, for example: “Do not be angry” – Garnett quickly prayed that no one would notice.

There is no possibility of conflict. From the arms deals the Google administration is playing with, to the controversy surrounding ethical researcher Timnit Kebru: Garnett is not only angry about these issues, but also about how management seeks refuge in the event of a conflict. “Google’s transparency and responsibility initially made us proud to work there,” the developer writes at the beginning of his book.

It is therefore a tradition for management to openly answer difficult questions even to ordinary employees in regular rounds of negotiations. This revelation has now disappeared: garnet caricatures of many ways managers try to avoid problems – be it through unbound and meaningless answers or by referring to informed people who bring secret conversations to the public. His conclusion: Google today, although the founders want to avoid it, »is like a normal company.

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