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Can An App Help You Stay Healthy? 7 Great Examples to Check Out

We have collected for you the best apps that are necessary for everyone who cares of themselves and their health. But if you want to create your own one go on 

Water balance tracker

It has long been known that all vital processes in the body normalize the use of a sufficient amount of water. It is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle, improves your overall health and helps in losing weight.

For example, WaterBalance,  Hydro, WaterCheck, Watermania, My Water.

Periods calendar

Any gynecologist will tell you that you should clearly track delays and their absence according to the calendar, as well as record any trifles regarding menstruation and your cycle. Special applications will help you a lot, in which you just need to mark the days of menstruation, sports and various symptoms of these days.

Try Flo, Clue Period Tracker, DayM, Maya – My Period Tracker, Cycles Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation.

Sleep tracker

Even at school, a very serious problem of our time starts – chronic lack of sleep. The tracker will help you, at a minimum, set the perfect alarm ringtone. Moreover, with it you will learn how to start getting enough sleep, you will be able to track the phases of your sleep, you will understand when you need to go to bed and build an ideal daily routine for you.

Try Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, Good Morning Alarm Clock, Sleep Better Runtastic, Pillow: Sleep tracking & analysis.

Diets and recipes

Proper nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Ready-to-use nutritional apps make your life so much easier. Just download them and there are many diets and different recipes at your fingertips. These apps allow you to plan meals and learn to better understand and control what you eat.

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Recommended: Diet Point – Weight Loss, Ducan Diet, Yummly, 6 Petal Diet, Nutrino, Good Nutrition, GoodFood, PEP, Healthy Eating.

Running apps

Finding the best route for running, finding the right pace, scheduling your workouts and saving statistics is the least that running apps can do. But it is they who will help you run as efficiently as possible. Each of the applications can fully replace a fitness instructor. Therefore, feel free to download and start running and preparing for marathons.

Choose: Runtastic Running & Fitness, 10K Running, Runkeeper, Nike + Running, Adidas Train & Run.


There are tons of different exercise and workout apps available to let you practice wherever and whenever you want. If the list of simple and basic exercises is not enough for you, if you need to build an individual training schedule, if you want variety in your activities, then feel free to download one of the following applications, pull on your sneakers and start exercising.

Download Sworkit Lite, Nike + Training Club, 7-minute, 30 days, Teemo, Gym Training, Street Workout, Fitstar.

Meditation and mental health

We have already said that without meditation and work with the mind, it is impossible to lead a full-fledged healthy lifestyle. Meditation can help you deal with stress, relax, gain energy and focus. To be able to meditate in the subway, park and even the train, download the application to your phone. A user-friendly interface, tips on when to inhale and exhale, pleasant music and a relaxing voice of the announcer will help you rejuvenate and calm your mind.

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Try Headspace, Buddhify, Calm, Stop Breathe & Think.


Today, doing sports and keeping track of your health has become easier than ever, because now you can download a couple of applications with a great healthcare app design to your phone and track your workout schedule, cycle, nutrition program and water intake time – you just need to tap the screen a couple of times, and the weight loss process is self-optimized.