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The Top Gaming Trends to Expect in 2023

The gaming industry continues to expand at an almost unprecedented level as its popularity skyrockets producing record-breaking profits and allowing manufacturers to reinvest funds into the industry. Gaming has, without a doubt, become mainstream, with players choosing to log on and play, whether that is via a console, PC or mobile. Fans of gaming will be pleased to know that there are several new trends emerging which will further revolutionise the game-playing experience. Keep reading for the low down.

A Deep Dive into the Metaverse

First, to define the metaverse, for those that are unaware, it is a system within gaming that combines several elements, including social networking, VR, AR and even digital currencies, in order to fully immerse the player in the game and encourage engagement. The metaverse is primed to take off in a big way in the new year, thanks in part due to the popularity of the glimpses already seen of it. The concept of the metaverse is incredibly interesting from a gaming and tech point of view, being that its development will revolutionise gaming. The experiences that it produces are likely to draw even more people to gaming as a hobby too.

The Increased Accessibility of Cloud-Based Gaming

Technically, cloud-based gaming is not a new gaming trend; it will continue to increase in use and accessibility over the next year. There has been a renewed interest, and many developers are pushing more funds into exploring cloud gaming to allow it to reach its full potential. It has a number of benefits for players, and as it is explored further in the next year, the gaming experiences it produces are primed to improve too. The games are streamed directly to the device, which does eliminate the need to physically purchase a copy of the games, which arguably means that cloud gaming is more sustainable for the environment as well as increasing accessibility for players – all you need is an internet connection after all.

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Smaller/Niche Developers Becoming More Popular

Everyone, by now, is aware of the biggest game developers like Nintendo, Ubisoft or Sony, to name but a few. However, in 2023 you can expect to encounter games from indie developers. They are set to become one of the newest sensations within gaming for the new take that they bring. Independent studios and developers are finally able to access the latest tech and tools needed to bring their games out of the shadows and into the forefront. This increased competition from smaller studios is undoubtedly going to spur on bigger developers who already face competition to develop their own answers to the games. This is again advantageous to the players who benefit from a greater player experience.

Making Money via Gaming

Again, making money through gaming is not a new phenomenon. Take online gambling as an example; one could argue that it is a form of gaming. This is why there are sites out there dedicated to telling players what casino pays the most in slots, et cetera. But I digress; making money via gaming has embraced a new approach through play-to-earn games. This is likely to become big in the next year. Blockchain technology has since been introduced into the gaming sphere and has allowed users to earn money simply by playing games. This trend makes gaming as a hobby far more rewarding than it has been previously; traditionally, all you had was the satisfaction of winning, but now there are financial incentives to participate and play.

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Streaming Gameplay: VTubers are Going to Take Over

VTubers or virtual YouTubers find a home on YouTube, and as of this moment, they are fairly unknown in terms of YouTubers or influencers, but they are growing. VTubers, unlike other influencers or YouTubers, do not typically show their real faces, instead choosing to uses animations. The level of anonymity offered is often part of the allure. It is more accessible for people who want to get into streaming without having to show their faces or open themselves up to the trolling that often comes with it and exclusively references your looks. In 2023 you can expect to see more from VTubers.

A New Lease on Life for Browser-Based Gaming

Thanks to gaming consoles, browser-based gaming never really got a fair shot, but, as mentioned above, cloud-based gaming has become popular in its own right and continues to do so. Still, thanks to this, more and more players are starting to use the internet and browsers to play games and explore their hobbies further. There are tonnes of genres and games out there to choose from, which is why browser-based gaming is likely to grow in the new year. Browser-based gaming is far more accessible for the average player because it negates the need for a console or hard copies of the game itself. You can even access browser games from your smartphone, with a lot of them having mobile-optimised capabilities.

Gaming Subscriptions: An Alternative to Hard Copies

Gaming subscription services are primed to offer gamers with an alternative to purchasing hard copies or even digital copies of the games in the new year. You are going to need an internet connection, and it is hard to say how much the subscription services will cost. Xbox Game Pass is a great example of a gaming subscription service, and it is pretty popular too. Nintendo has an online Switch service, Ubisoft, Sony and EA also all have similar offerings in the pipeline. These subscriptions can give you premier access to games as well as other perks offered by the developer. That being said, it will be up to the individual player as to whether or not it is worth it.

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To Conclude

2023 is just around the corner; it will soon be here. In terms of gaming, for the most part, the trends for the new year tend to centre around the natural progression of current trends in order to help the current technology to reach its full potential. Obviously, players are at the heart of all of these efforts. It is all about delivering the best possible experience to the gamers. You will have to wait and see to find out if this list of predictions is correct or not.