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Why You Should Consider Fiber Internet Connection?

Our lives have revolved around the internet for more than the past few decades now. The internet connection is always transitioning towards a better and faster connection, and the most reliable of them all is known as the fiber internet connection. A fiber internet connection has many advantages over a regular internet connection. It carries data through light instead of electrical signals, and light is known as the fastest medium. As a result, fiber is able to deliver and support higher bandwidth. And fiber service companies offer much higher speeds than which they advertise, even during peak hours. Xfinity also offers fiber internet connection deals for internet users like yourself to subscribe to. To inquire more about the fiber internet connection being offered by Xfinity, all you need to do is dial the Xfinity phone number.

This article will explore in detail why having a fiber internet connection is the best option for you.

Faster Speeds

This is the number one reason why it stands out from other broadband connections. Its faster speeds make it an excellent choice for telecommuters, multi-user households, gamers, etc. Fiber internet has the potential to reach gigabit speeds i.e. 1 Gbps = 1000 Mbps. That is possible by harnessing the speed of light in glass tubes that are as thin as a piece of human hair.


Other types of internet connection use copper cables and these cables can get affected due to several factors. Moreover, since they transmit data with the help of electrical current, older copper wires could become a safety hazard. But the fiber internet cables are thicker and stronger and aren’t prone to such risks.

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Symmetrical Speeds

In a fiber internet connection, the downloads and uploads speeds are symmetrical. For those who don’t know, download speed is used for most internet activities such as streaming videos or music, scrolling through social media, downloading files, etc. On the other hand, the upload speed refers to uploading information to the internet like posting content, sending documents, attending a videoconference, etc. In most internet connections, the upload speed is usually lower than the download speed. But in fiber internet connection, the download and upload speeds are always the same. This works out since the rise of telecommuting, telehealth, YouTubers, online gaming and many other activities call for upload speed to match the download speed.

Lower Latency

The delay in data transfer is referred to as latency. Another reason why fiber is the best option for internet connection is due to its lower latency rate and clearer transmissions. Latency is significant to businesses for smooth access to the cloud or gamers for quick reaction times.

Unlimited Data

Most broadband connections have shared bandwidth, which can interfere with the connection. To manage the amount of bandwidth being sent out, ISP will throttle your internet connection (i.e. slow down the speed going to one location) or put on a data cap (data limit that a user can consume). Both scenarios can get frustrating for internet users who need unlimited data. But if he has a fiber internet connection, he can have access to unlimited data at the speed he signed up for.

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Greener Solution

Fiber internet connection has a minimal ecological impact. Along with that, it reduces waste and consumes very little energy as well as helps in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. This makes fiber internet connection perfect for greener internet solutions. Also, the infrastructure for fiber internet is very sustainable, since it can easily withstand weather elements such as snow, rain, winds, etc., and repairs for the infrastructure are needed less often in any of these scenarios.

Final Thoughts

The features of fiber internet connection, as discussed above, are more than enough for a single household with a couple of devices that rely on the internet connection. It is ideal for a big family or a couple of friends living together; the fiber internet connection will cater to all the requirements of their devices whether they are streaming movies in HD, downloading/uploading heavy files, playing online multiplayer games, etc. Moreover, if you are running a business, then know that a fiber internet connection is absolutely vital for the smooth operation of your business, especially for data or cloud storage. Hence, a fiber internet connection works for most situations where a reliable and consistent internet for seamless connectivity is needed.