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Call PSG - Call: Neymar symptoms with Fortnite, and PSG.

Call PSG – Call: Neymar symptoms with Fortnite, and PSG.

Fort Knight signed Neymar this Wednesday. The star of Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain was the first footballer to join the popular video game, but not the last.

Recruitment “Last year rapper Travis Scott continued his exchange window with Fortnight football superstar Neymar: seeks to increase partnerships in the successful video game game.” In 2021-2022 His to enrich beyond his universe Royal of War, Explains to AFP its publisher epic games. If music and cinema are integrated in 2020, in the midst of an epidemic, survival game with cartoonish graphics popular among young people, it is the turn of the game to get full place in 2021. The Copa America or Tokyo Olympics, a year in which the primary competitions with the euro are planned.

« Sport has a huge place in the lives of our players and it is very important for us to have a sports representative in the game Nate Nanser, head of the global partnership for Epic Games, publisher of Fort Knight, Fort, told AFP. Update with new worlds, equipment and game modes to begin the 2nd episode of Season 6 of the hit game – the epic game that will give its 350 million users a chance ” Unblock “The incarnation of Neymar and the creation of the Brazilian N.10 in the game.” You can play Batman, Deadpool, Iron Man or some iconic heroes from movies, books and TV just like in Fortnight, and now you can play with one of the greatest footballers in the world. Mr., Mr. Nansar explains.

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Neymar star of PSG but also on Instagram

Partnership with Neymar in selecting sports muse for Fortnight “ Makes sense “for” Many reasons . Neymar is, above all, a fan of video games that broadcast his games live on the Twitch platform. ” One of the most followed personalities on Instagram “With nearly 150 million subscribers, Nate Nanser recalled.” Football is strategically important to us because we are a global sport with great players in Brazil and Europe, so football is not just a sport, it is a way of life. He adds.

After the professional American Football League signed a joint venture agreement with the NFL at the end of 2018, Ford Knight accelerated football (“football”) in early January 2021, offering its players the opportunity to receive clothing (“skins”) in the colors of 23 clubs such as Manchester. City, Juventus or AC Milan. ” If you are a big football fan, you can show your support for your team at Fort Knight just like you do in real life when you walk down the street with + Kit + in the colors of PSG. Mr., Mr. Emphasizes Nansar.

Griezmann assisted Fortnight in 2018

Accessible for free on all media (consoles, smartphones, PCs) Fortnight has a revenue of $ 8.1.8 billion in 2019, according to specialty company Super Data. Its business model enables micro-purchasing in-game access to additional content (the “freemium” model), which dominates video games. Was it a celebration of French world champion Antoine Griezmann during Montreal 2018, a dance inspired by Fortnite, which popularized the game with the general public, prompting them to invest more in epic sports in football? ” I would not say this is an inspiration. We wanted to invest more in football for some time. Launched in 2021 is the result of this reflection Answers Mr. Nasser. If its rival Tag-Do (NBA2K, GTA, …) had signed a deal with Tiger Woods to develop his golf simulation, Epic Games would not want to trade weapons for a ball with Neymar and turn it into a sport. Simulation. “ We do not plan to create a game simulation game within Fortnight », Warns, Company, Nate Nanser. But recruiting a new game muse to make the game more attractive is a long way off, says the head of Epic Games: ” I think we were definitely not done with Neymar “Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain supporters are waiting to see if Neymar will extend his contract with the PSG.

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