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Cabo de Orlando – Work has begun on the sea, but the sewage is still flowing into the sea

Restoration and protection work began on the square of Andrea Toria Browser in Cabo de Orlando, which collapsed together with a wall due to severe storms this morning, January 25th.

Departures were delayed compared to forecasts due to bad weather that hit the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily earlier this week.

The purpose of these first phase works was to prevent further severe damage by inserting some stone blocks into the gap created ten days ago, which could be caused by continuous digging by the sea. Beneath the road artery.

500 thousand euros, the amount set aside by the regional office against the hydrological instability directed by Maricio Gross for the diabetic arrangement, makes the situation of Dvola Grnde even more worrying, where the storms ten days ago caused the collapse of a stretch of road and the rupture of a sewer pipe.

Therefore, from January 24, the waste water continues to flow into the sea, with severe environmental effects, apparently you are breathing nauseating air throughout the area.

In this case, sea weather improvement was expected to interfere, and although today in Capo de Orlando it may seem like a spring day, the sewage in the Dola Grante is still going into the sea.

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