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New rumors have shed some light on the iPhone 13's photo field

New rumors have shed some light on the iPhone 13’s photo field

Filippo Morgante

After a few weeks of silence, we return to talk about it The next iPhone series Going out 2021, And some in particular Blindfolded In the last few days they have leaked related things Cameras.

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In fact, according to Analysts of Barclays Plane Curtis and Thomas O’Malley, all of them Four models of iPhone 13 They are equipped with a camera Updated wide angle. Will bring major improvementOpening / 1.8, Is wider than the current / 2.4 of the iPhone 12, allowing a passage More light through the lens. The most beneficial is the ultra-wide performance In low light conditions.

It turns out to be somewhat Rather With the arguments of a well-known analyst Ming-chi Guo, The ultra-white lens will be updated through the ƒ / 1.8 aperture accordingly, but Only on iPhone 13 Pro models, And not even on the “soft” models. Guo expects the updated wide-angle lens to expand into the rest of the iPhone lineup The second half of 2022.

Via: Macroemers

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