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Bittersweet Birthday

Bullet Hell Adventure Bittersweet Birthday Nintendo Switch – Endeavor Appears After A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

After the successful campaign of Indigo Bitter birthday Officially PC and Nintendo Switch The sponsorship goal of the Nintendo Switch version that appears does not need to be achieved Bullet Hell Adventure Publisher Pineapple Works is already in development, but it encourages developers to get the game on time 2022 Fourth Quarter Publish.

In this game you can expect not only unlimited bullet-hell shooting, but also quiet phases. Since the game is also an adventure, you will often meet characters that you can not play, and they will bring you closer to the mysterious world of the title. The trailer for the game for the crowdfunding campaign and the first gameplay of the Nintendo Switch version can be seen in the following two videos. If you have a computer at home, download and try out the preview demo of the game. To do this, click on the link below the videos.

Here you can try the demo of the game on PC, Mac or Linux!

Did the “Bullet Hell Adventure” type hit your nerves?

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