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Brasile, Romario scarica Tite: "Il suo calcio è pessimo. Portaluppi dovrebbe essere CT"

Brazil, Romario Tight unleashes: “His football is bad. Warlord must be CT”

Status of Tight The Brazilian bench is not sure. Coach Selenao pays for the last unsatisfactory results and, above all, the defeat in the Copa America final. Romero, The former striker and world champion goes further with Verdero in the USA ’94: “We always have to have faith, I always have it. We hope Brazil is the world champion, but it will be tough with this team. One thing. The way Brazil play will be exaggerated. I think wrong. We are close to another World Cup, I do not know if it’s time to change coach but I should not be Tide anymore.Especially when he played against strong teams he got negative results.He played bad football, was technically terrible and tactically bad.

Vote for Portlup: “In my opinion, changing the manager now will reduce the damage a little bit. It’s useless to try to solve problems in a year because it will be a last – minute change. Renault is the Brazilian manager who has collected the most. “He was different today than he is today. He’s very brave today, he certainly understands this modern football. Renato, in my opinion, has the confidence of the coaching staff.”

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