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Boreal Tenebrae

Boreal Denibre Adventure Announced for Nintendo Switch – Animated Short Film Tells the Background Story

Before the end of this year, the atmosphere, with elements of horror, Adventure game Burial darkness A magic on you. The title, inspired by the PlayStation 1 games and series like Stranger Things and the Twin Peaks, is present with an angular and pixelated retro look Snot Bubbles Products For that Nintendo Click, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S is in development. Takes output RedDeerGames.

Announcement of the game and some first Game Views You see in the following Trailer:

You are trapped in a dream in which you search for the city you are looking for Sister Of the protagonist. Sarah Disappeared without a trace, she may have been murdered. You have to have one now Mysteries Ritual Complete as your sister begins to heal the affected city and solve the mystery surrounding its closet. You have to solve a variety of puzzles, talk to strange characters and stop at nothing less than disaster.

The developer has one too Animation Short film Made, it illuminates events in the game. The above Eight minutes Video Introduces you to the dark world of the game, in which everything seems to come out of ordinary and strange blocks, which seem to emit a hypnotic sound, appearing throughout the city:

According to the developer, the concept of Boreal Denibre comes from, Daniel Beaulieu, From his youth. Growing up in some small rural communities in Canada gave him a unique and contradictory perspective in the 1990s, which completely differentiated him between tradition and technology.

How do you like adventure at first thought?