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Concours AGFD Switch Rathalos 16x9 v6 3

A Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise and a Rattles figure must be defeated

In order to celebrateAG French Live It will take place on March 24th at 5pm., We offer you a tiny little bundle: a console Nintendo Switch Limited Edition Monster Hunter Rise With a statue Rathalos From the SH Monster Arts Gallery. Yes, you read that right, well rounded competition. Everyone has a chance.

We will use this opportunity to remind you of thatSo AG French Direct will air next week.Highlight the +35 French-speaking games offered with Wednesdays and global exclusives. Mark the date on your calendar when entering the contest!

How to beat Switch Monster Hunter console?

To try your luck, it’s easy, just fill out the form below or access it At this address. From the first act, your participation is taken into account, and as you play, you increase your luck. The competition ends on May 2, 2021, and you can take as many steps as you want.

Concourse Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise + Statue SH Rathalos Monstarts

Take part in a competition


A limited edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Console in the bundle figurine de Rathalos From the SH Monster Arts collection by Bandai. Both products are new. The value of the prize is estimated at around 500. The winner will be announced on various social networks where this article and contest will be shared. The winner will be selected from a variety of avenues for participation. The drawing will be done automatically by the internal tools and in a reasonable manner according to the weight of the systems.

We request that you send us a photo (via email or personal message) of the winner’s prizes to confirm the receipt. He will not be obligated to post this photo on his social networks, but he can do so to thank us. Winner data was not placed under any circumstances.

Gifts will be sent within a maximum of 28 working days after the draw. It will be shipped in two packages, with Nintendo Switch ActComming offering the Rattles Statue sent by our partner Figure. The organizers will not accept any responsibility for any issue in transportation or distribution. This is a competitive game Open to any natural person residing in metropolitan France and Belgium.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Nintendo or Banda for this match. ActCommming & Derive Figurine are fully responsible and organizers of the competition. We reject any liability in the event of theft, loss or damage to packages containing a lot, and only bind to the carrier.