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BMW iX, Frank Stephenson: “È un oggetto senz’anima”

BMW IX, Frank Stephenson: “It’s a soulless thing” – Auto World

The Design of new BMWs The whole generation of motorists should open up a chapter in the history of the Bavarian house and discuss it endlessly. The direction taken by the style center of the Munich house, breaking with traditional plans, was boldly created as it had not happened since the time of Chris Bangle. A clear line between the party of the supporters and those of the opposition. There are those who appreciate this change and those who want to recall a BMW without a large or double kidney, which, for better or worse, has tarnished the image of the German house. The new stylistic course not only deceived some fans, but also attracted negative reviews from a great ex.

Frank Stephenson, 61, In his eleven years at BMW he left his identity by designing two successful models, X5 (1999) and Mini of the Third Millennium (2001). In a video released a few days ago His YouTube channel, The designer was surprised that the concept of the new vertically growing twin kidney, which many professionals no longer consistently trust than others, could change on a larger computer like the new iX. The answer is no. Stephenson had no doubt that IX “Movement symbolizes a new era” It would be an incredibly comfortable and spacious car, but it is far less likely to be a beautiful car.

BMW iX M, impressive recommendation

The car is huge, so the harmony between the ratios should be achieved without much effort, but the point is another matter. First up is the infamous front grille, which For Stephenson it was indescribably huge. Then with very simple lines, no tension. According to Stephenson, iX does not report any power. It’s like a static object. “It simply came to our notice then – he said -. For me this is not the way to design an object designed to move. Seen from the side, it does not convey the slightest sense of movement. “. Finally, according to the designer, iX, More than a car, it looks like a product design object. “Criticism of product designers is far from me – He is precisely -. But industrial products should be like industrial products and cars should be like cars. Otherwise they have no soul “.

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