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Black Friday 2021, What products did the Italians buy on the Amazon?  Official data

Black Friday 2021, What products did the Italians buy on the Amazon? Official data

After in-depth research Launch of the section dedicated to the most popular products on Amazon, Will return to analyze what is happening on the well-known e-commerce portal (at the time of writing we are still in the last hour of offers) During this Black Friday 2021.

In fact, it has provided us with some official data related to Amazon Purchased by Italian users Through the local edition of the popular e-commerce portal as part of a two-day discount linked on 25 and 26 November 2021. Get ready: The parody aims to deepen the information we received from Andy Jazzy’s giant company “behind the scenes” with a pinch.

Amazon Italy’s Black Friday 2021 “Behind the Scenes”

More precisely, Amazon’s information is focused Four points Is below.

  1. customers have purchased several packs Scottonelle toilet paper Cross the road distance between Rome and Moscow.
  2. customers made a number of purchases yesterday, November 25th and November 26th at 9am Coffee capsules The people of Palermo and Florence can all serve a coffee together.
  3. customers have bought a lot Yankee Candle Magic for Christmas One can place one on each step of the Royal Stairs of Fenestrel Castle in the province of Turin.
  4. customers have bought a lot Lollipops Residents of Sciacca and Alghero can afford one.

In short, Amazon has found a fun way to deliver The first “behind the scenes” items purchased by the Italians (And do shopping) this Black Friday during 2021.

Discounts will continue until 2021 on Cyber ​​Monday

For the rest, Andy Jassie’s company had the opportunity to remind you that the ads will continue over the weekend and as part of what’s called Cyber ​​Monday. 29 November 2021 until 23:59. Where to find offers? But frankly Amazon Italy Official Portal.

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For the rest, if you want to stay updated on all the best ads, you can get our advice. Page dedicated to Black Friday 2021.