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Bioware is scared of homosexuals because Jack is straight - Nert 4.Life

Bioware is scared of homosexuals because Jack is straight – Nert 4.Life

As revealed by one of the writers of Mass effect2, One of Shepherd’s team characters, was turned into a transgender person because of fears that the game would be criticized. Fox News, An American program known for its reactionary style (or, in this case, directly) Homosexuality).

In fact, we should be aware of that The first mass effect was severely criticized Presented by Fox News at the time of release. Bioware therefore feared that “including a ponsexual character would be a problem”. In fact, our Shepherd can have a relationship with Jack regardless of gender. In Mass Effect 2 Jack has some hints about his own conversations Curiosity on women and men: Yet love is only possible with a male Shepherd.

Brian Kindekran, author of Mass Effect 2, said: “Mass Effect has been harshly and unjustly criticized in the United States by Fox New. The first game actually had a homosexual relationship (Liara, which is not biore technically considered homosexual or straightforward because she was a homosexual) and was severely criticized. Kindekron did not accept it, but in short, he had no choice.

He refers to it as “top sites” There are no “anti-homosexual” sentiments, But they do not want Mass Effect 2 to be attacked like the first episode. This change came towards the end of development: the team was told to “focus on more traditional relationships”.

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