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1 File: Suspended imprisonment against the administrator

Johann Dartzman, Hosting Site Administrator 1 file, Risking a one-year suspended sentence for counterfeiting intellectual works and forging counterfeit polygrams and videograms. The site offers many images and series without the permission of the studios.

1 Conditional sentence is required against the administrator of Fitch

During a court hearing before Nancy’s Special Transitional Jurisdiction (GIRS), Deputy Attorney Vincent Legot 1 filed a lawsuit against Fischer’s managing company, Storage, in which the executive was suspended for a fine of ,000 100,000. He also demanded the publication of excerpts from the verdict in the newspapers Le Mont and Les Echoes.

1 file allows anyone to upload files. They may be legal files. But the site is known to contain movies, series, music and other content. Then anyone can download it. This is definitely illegal as movie studios, record companies and not even a penny available.

The main actors of the cinema, Pathe, Kommont, UGC, Warner Bros., Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Universal or Disney, all civil parties have asked for millions of euros in damages for their part. Complaints are about 1,737 files, subject to a total of 6 million downloads from January 20, 2016 to August 31, 2017.

Download 1 file

Here is an example of how to illegally download Tenet’s 4K Blu-ray in 1 Fitzgerald

The National Film Publishers Federation (FNEF), the Teachers, Composers and Music Publishers Association (SACEM) and the Civil Society of Phonographic Producers (SCBP) were the first three to file a complaint. All were aimed at the Storage, whose headquarters were in the quiet village of La Chapel-Aux-Boise in Voss, although the partner lives in the Paris region.

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All three plaintiffs viewed 1Fitch, the most popular site in 2016, with 310 million pages per month, with 270,000 visits a day, for authorizing the downloading of protected works and making them available for public access. The site refused to remove the works when asked to do so.

End in April

The administrator of 1Fichier acknowledged that this site may provide illegal content. But during interrogation he explained that he could not know or control the broadcast. The reason? The deposit of files leads to a download link, the distribution of which depends on the author’s decision on the deposit.

The court will deliver its decision on April 23.