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All messages to access the draw

All messages to access the draw

The Budget Act 2021 and the Milbroke Order Not only that Receipt lottery postponed, Which was supposed to start on January 1, 2021, but also made some changes to the reward system.

First, virtual tickets will be obtained Only for purchases made through electronic payment methods. The previous law did not provide for any restrictions, but it represents a very important innovation as it counts all transactions made even with cash. The success of Christmas Cashback has prompted MEF to use this new type of competition to further focus on digital payments and combat tax evasion.

The reward system has also been modified, which is now configured as follows:

  • Year: 5,000,000 euros per year per buyer and 1,000,000 euros per operator;
  • Monthly: 10 prizes of 100,000 euros per buyer and 10 prizes of 20,000 euros per operator;
  • Weekly: 25,000 prizes for buyers and 15 prizes for 5,000 euros for sellers.

There is no information about the start date: it says on the official website today “The start of the lottery has been postponed for a few weeks: the head of the customs and monopoly agency and the revenue agency handed over the definition of the opening date of the thousand extension order to the dual signing action.“.

In the meantime Review for Christmas Cashback.

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