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Streamer, play for free ... The hunt for English languages ​​has begun in the world of video games

Streamer, play for free … The hunt for English languages ​​has begun in the world of video games

The Ministry of Culture wants to regain control of the vocabulary of “gamers” invaded by the British. The Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language proposes a list of new regulations. Not everyone likes that …

Is “playing for free” soon forgotten? The French language seeks to regain control of the vocabulary of video games invaded by the British. New publications published in the official journal. Video game “A field where a lot of English languages ​​are used”Who could be “Barrier to dissemination and understanding by non-practitioners”The Ministry of Culture, a partner in the Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language, explained to AFP on Monday, May 30. In addition to the difficulty “Technology” The Ministry points out the risk of misunderstanding by this wording, which is reserved for locals “For those who do not speak English fluently”.

The list was released on Sunday, May 29th Official newspaperSuggests changing the word “streamer” and referring to the person who broadcasts the content in real time as the “live player-host”. Aerial “Cloud Video Game” is a service that allows you to modify the “cloud gaming” without remote download. Some Englishmen find it easy to translate words like “pro-gamer” into French to mean “professional player”. The same thing for “Season Pass”, sesame for extra content, has become “Season Pass”. It is necessary to say “game for free access”, “game with free access” and “competitive video game” will become the French version of “.eSports“.

Rule “Compulsory” For regulatory texts

For every expression in English, “Experts are trying to find out if a French word is already in circulation in video game sites or specialty magazines.”In order “Select a translation that is already in use”The ministry underlined.

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Goal: That “The general public and professionals can use this vocabulary” Like the word “infox”, a “Commission Recommendation” Used as an alternative to “fake news”. “Regulations issued by the Commission on OJ Mandatory for Public Service Agents”And texts “Regulation”The Ministry of Culture said.

However, the community seems to know that Pull Made with French video game players, but not ready to change its wording. The reactions of users of the live streaming site did not take long to come. “Live facilitator” John MasitHe specializes in understanding political news on the platform, especially commenting on the announcement on Twitter.

The account of the popcorn show, which aired live on Twitch and presented by Domingo, was also humorous, trying to translate the word “talk-show” into “talk-show”.