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Beware of bad news for smartphone collectors at night

Beware of bad news for smartphone collectors at night

Beware as there is bad news for those who charge their smartphone at night, this is not exactly a good idea. Not really. Everyone does it before bed and charges the phone, so the next morning is charged. As it really happens, the smartphone is charged. The reason you have to be careful is that the phone is overheating and not so much related, but it is related to another factor. The habit of charging the phone at night should be completely eradicated by the customs because there is no need anymore.

Beware of bad news for smartphone collectors at night

We go to sleep and connect the phone to the charger and it is also recommended not to connect it to the socket if the latter is not in use as it may break. So unpack it when not in use. Our smartphone charges at night. When it reaches 100% the battery will stop and no longer charge. That’s because it’s a smartphone (smart phone).

The phone is smart, which is why it is smart

The phone can find itself that it is no longer needed Energy So it no longer absorbs. However, by not absorbing too much energy, it will be expelled at night. The fee will be re-activated when it is discharged. Basically a dog chases its own tail.

The phone charges, then discharges and then charges. Here it may be a serious issue for our smartphone. In fact this process is brutally called mini recharges, which are not healthy on our phone.

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So it is better to charge the phone only when the battery is really low and not do it at night. Now, newer smartphones offer 100% faster recharges in 15 minutes, so there is no need to charge them overnight.


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