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The leak will reveal the arrival of the new game that gamers want

The leak will reveal the arrival of the new game that gamers want

Leak Warning # 86438. A new leak may have accidentally revealed the new game coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox series. A game that will be a hit in terms of sales in 2020.

Retro Shot 2020, again

It is clear that even for Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, the 2021 releases are scary. And even though they were released the reception was not popular. The last Nintendo Direct, though long-awaited, was discarded due to its anonymity and the overemphasis placed on third-party publishers. Despite two prisons, 2020 (for now) is a rich year.

Then let’s talk about 2020 againReleased on the PS4 and Xbox One, it was a big hit and could land on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Lite and Xbox Series X / S, If we believe the leak of the day. In fact, the Latin American branch of Bandai Namco has posted on its Instagram account Upcoming DLC ​​trailer Dragon Ball Z Gagarot: “Trunks: Warrior of Hope, Dedicated to the history of trunks with a display of different sites that support the game.

Chief’s fault?

However, many have noticed itNext to the available sites was the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X / S, but Bandai never confirmed the release of the game on its two consoles. Could this be a big big leak because we like them? Or a mistake made during the assembly? The former is more likely, the video was released very quickly.

At the time of writing, The video was removed from the Bandai Namco Entertainment feed, Most Chief Minister de Bandai Namco Latin America Responded to a comment posted under the video in which he denies the possibility of boarding. According to him, this announcement about the Xbox Series X / S and the Nintendo Switch would be wrong.

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If this leak is confirmed, many questions will arise, especially in terms of the technique for replacing the port, but the proposed content. The case to follow.