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Beta update with 3D audio on TV and more

Beta update with 3D audio on TV and more

From Benjamin Grantken
The new beta update for the PlayStation 5 opens up a variety of new functions. For example, 3D audio can now be used with TV speakers. In addition, the menu now clearly distinguishes between the installed PS5 and PS4 versions.

With the new update of the PS5 beta program, M.S. 2 S.S.T. Other manufacturers are supported. However, the list of innovations is not yet complete. 3D audio support for TV speakers is now implemented via PS5 firmware, having previously only used the function with headphones. The 3D audio profile is compared to the respective rooms of the player via the microSD controller’s microphone. Sony also announced that the overall 3D audio quality of various games has been improved.

With the new beta update, game versions are now very clearly different. So it is easy to see on the home screen whether you have PS4 or PS5 version of a game installed. For this purpose, the respective versions are provided separately and have clearly visible logos. In addition, it is possible to track up to five trophies at once after the update. The trophies are now displayed vertically instead of horizontally, so additional information is displayed for each record. Parental controls are said to have improved.

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