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Became Microsoft Authentificator Password Manager

Became Microsoft Authentificator Password Manager

So far, the application Microsoft Authentificator It is known to allow two factor recognition. This type of verification allows you to use your accounts (emails, banks, etc.) in a more secure way by requesting additional verification via a second factor that could be your smartphone. This second step may seem difficult, but it significantly increases the level of security of an important account.

Microsoft Authentificator This allows for two-step verification using the terminal, which prompts you to authorize the access request by notification. You can also use biometric authentication (face, fingerprint) to verify this access. Finally, there is the generator of temporary codes that meet the standard TOTP (Time-based one-time password): All you have to do is enter the numbers displayed on your phone to open access to an account on the computer.

Authenticator update (available) Android And iOS), Microsoft wants to go beyond the simple verification utility to take full care of your credentials. Like other sesame managers the application allows you to keep your login details and fill in the required fields automatically. Of course, access to the Authentificator is protected by a code, or better yet, biometric authentication to open access to all passwords. Keep in mind that it is not possible to import these directly from Google Chrome storage, but you can move them from one manager to another by importing a CSV file containing your precious data – a file to remember to delete after importing!

Microsoft Password Manager is also available on PCs through the browser extension Autofill. For now, only Chrome and its successors, such as Microsoft Edge, can use this extension. Data is synchronized between different devices by backing up the cloud-based server. Microsoft’s blog is not very verbal about cyberspace used to protect data.

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