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Battlefield 6: Towards massive destruction in the next game?  |  Xbox One

Battlefield 6: Towards massive destruction in the next game? | Xbox One

Almost 3 years after its release Battlefield Vs., Many fans are impatiently waiting for the next installment of the license. Last January, Andrew Wilson confirmed that the game would deliver its message in spring season And the latter would mean a real leap for the owner “with a level never seen before”.

Towards the best destruction of buildings?

E.A. Confirmation of wanting was with us recently Increase the capacity of its servers, Other developments on Battlefield 6 appear to be planned. According to Tom Henderson, Destruction will be greatly enhanced in Dice’s next FPS. Until now, the license has included pre-calculated destruction of its environment, especially with drastic change of terrain during the game in win mode.

Mostly well known, the man posted several tweets today suggesting that many buildings like skyscrapers could be wiped off the map. This devastation will change completely this time around and may make conflicts even more chaotic.

Although it is not yet a release date, the Xbox Series X | We know the game will come out on the S, PS5 and PC by the end of 2021, with the Xbox One and PS4 versions to be confirmed.

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