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Battlefield 2042 portal editor can do it

There is no traditional single player campaign on “Battlefield 2042”. Multiplayer mode is the focus of the first person shooter. But is that enough? Not explicitly, because developers Dice and Electronic Arts E.A. Are advancing on Play Live.

Ripple Effect Studios, formerly based in Los Angeles, is actively working on completing the “Battlefield 2042 Portal”. No, this is not a mobile game, it has nothing to do with Wolverine science fiction Pussler. Instead, it’s a long rumored construction kit mode with the help of which you can create your own game types and playlists.

Highlight: You do not need the full version of “Battlefield 2042” for the “Battlefield 2042 Portal”. It is an independent game client, you can conveniently control a website via PC, mobile phone or console. The only thing you need is an active, free EA. Account.

Dice or ripple effect studios want to give maximum freedom to the community. So if you have a better idea along the way, you can easily implement it using your smartphone. Despite the clear menu navigation, the author has some extended functions up to its sleeve, so the team promises a guide that explains all the functions for extended exercises and startups.

E.A. In a presentation on the Play Live movement, Ripple Effect Studios guided us through the “Battlefield 2042 Portal”. So what’s behind the Wars Kit?

Classics meet modernity!

However, the Battlefield 2042 portal did not just provide a new home for Battlefield 2042. Dice brings back maps, sections, weapons, vehicles and articles from “Battlefield 1942”, “Battlefield 3” and “Battlefield Bad Company 2”.

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In addition to the seven confirmed maps from “Battlefield 2042” on the “Battlefield 2042 Portal” you will find these maps:

– The Caspian border and the Noshar canals from “Battlefield 3”
– Battle of Bulge and El-Alamein from “Battlefield 1942”
– Arika Harper and Valparaiso from “Battlefield Bad Company 2”

Highlight: Dice modifies maps with new technology. On the PlayStation 5, they run at a resolution of 4K and 60 frames per second, based on the current version of the Frostbite engine. It was also confirmed that the maps of “Battlefield 1942” have been expanded to cover the destructive effects. You can also forget the number of players given earlier. Thanks to the “Battlefield 2042 Portal”, 64 players on the PlayStation 4 go online and up to 128 players on the PlayStation 5.

Handy Editor

As already mentioned, “Battlefield 2042 Portal” is an external editor that allows you to connect EA with your game. Connected via account. In addition to the content created by the player, there will also be official content. Of course, you don’t have to take action on your own. Anyone who wants to can try to passively ingest third-party content. On the other hand, if you are a builder yourself, you decide how you will share the content you have created: you can leave it private and password protect it or make it public. Then anyone can use it, but only you can customize it. Very practical: for easy “sharing”, “Battlefield 2042 Portal” creates a code that you can post via social media, and others can access your work.

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In the presentation, Justin Vibe, Senior Design Director, Ripple Effects Studio, presented the current status of the “Battlefield 2042 Portal” and explained the process using an example. He is currently working in a mode in which one team is only with sniper rifles and the other with shotguns.

In the editor you will see an overview with sub-types on the left, in which you can create settings. First set the game mode you want – like Win or Rush. You choose the maps to gamble your game type. If you want, you can link the entire playlist together here. Here you decide how many participants should come on each team, and you can even create asymmetrical games.

“Battlefield” Construction Kit for those who like details

You take care of sections, classes, equipment and vehicles. How about a win game between the “Battlefield 1942” and “Battlefield 2042” units? No problem! With simple ticks you select the classes or specialists, weapons, attachments and vehicles that are available to you.

Extreme systems are also possible here: in the trailer we see an army of sword fighters competing against a team of defibrillators. Of course, you can completely ban certain weapons or vehicles. While we are in it, adjust the damage to the body or head, adjust the speed of the projectiles upwards and prevent the shooters from lying down. Incidentally, the dice or ripple effect does not adjust the game balance of weapons and divisions. This task is left to the community: what is fun to play, what is not fun is sorted by itself.

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More about Battlefield 2042:

You can also control the characteristics of computer players. So you decide if they want to fill the forces or capture them completely. This becomes very complicated with logic or rule editor. Here you combine your own “if … then” elements and other factors together. In the presentation, for example, he linked Vibe to a successful assassination attempt to restore health. The manipulation is more complicated here because you have to dig your way through the various parameters and combine them together as “rules”. This function is aimed at experienced builders.

The open beta announcement came with the opening of the “Battlefield 2042 Portal”. It takes place in September. However, there is no information about the content or the exact date.

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