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How to use Microsoft Word on Android

Using Microsoft Word on a mobile phone is very easy.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used text editor in the world. There are some good alternatives out there, a lot of them are free, The truth is, the Microsoft package is incomparable.

While most people use the Word app on their computers (whether desktop or laptop), we forget that Microsoft’s tool can be used on other devices, such as tablets or smartphones, We need to edit the text and our computer will be very useful if not easy.

Using Microsoft Word on an Android phone? It is very simple and very intuitive despite the lack of a physics mouse or keyboard.

How to install and use Microsoft Word on an Android device

Microsoft Word for Android is a must-have app on your mobile

Installing Microsoft Word on the Android terminal is very easy and straightforward. In the case of an Android tablet or smartphone, go to the Play Store and install the app. Even better, unlike the computer version, Word for Android is completely free Unless our terminal is larger than 10.1 inches.

Once the application is downloaded and installed on our mobile device, we need to open it and log in to our Microsoft 365 account. This way all our documents can be synced, Always ready on our mobile phone.

Once in use, we will realize that it is very similar to computer application in terms of touch controls. With him we can:

  • Create and save documents On our device or onDrive
  • Edit and format the text, Even with styles.
  • Send a link or link Share files with our colleagues.
  • Open email attachments Edit or add comments directly to the document with the application.
  • In short, proceed with productivity Everywhere.
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Word for Android use can be used directly through the virtual keyboard of our smartphone, but to be honest, If you use a Bluetooth keyboard We get not only in comfort, but also in the speed of writing.

How Microsoft Teams Work: Getting Started Guide

In other words, if we connect a Bluetooth keyboard to our mobile terminal, We can use the word as if it were in front of a laptop.

And eye, Word is not the only Microsoft tool found in the Google App Store. We can also download other applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, OnDrive or Microsoft teams, the latter being a cloud-based site whose main goal is team collaboration, which is a great ally if we use it with Word.

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