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Audi Benz Gaming Headset Review: The Luxury of the Planner Magnet on Wireless Headsets Compatible with PS5 and PC

Audi Benz Gaming Headset Review: The Luxury of the Planner Magnet on Wireless Headsets Compatible with PS5 and PC

Because of the physical resemblance between Benrose and Mobius, one would have expected Benrose to be the sound exchange of its brother – a less integrated virtual swap. However, this is not the case: his sound shows show significant changes… a little awkward for some.

Thus, while Mobius strikes with its prototype neutrality, Benrose presents a profile with sensitive colors, especially in response to the frequency change from medium to high (about 5 to 6 kHz), which is very common among helmets. Gaming. This feature pays close attention to the sharpness of the audio message – which is considered an advantage by those who play “serious” games because it reduces the auditory fatigue that one can feel during very long listening sessions. However, in absolute terms, it expresses itself above all else and the transparency of the sound. This is very true with the contrast effect, the aural focus may shift to the treble, and then it takes a slightly brighter turn.

Fortunately, all of this can be fixed, at least thanks to the equation provided by the Audi Headset utility – the latter being very difficult to use. The solution is certainly not perfect: Treble valuable abuses then exist, which may be specifically assigned to those responsible for the somewhat narrow stereophonic scene. However, you get used to it very quickly.

Apart from this single insult, the clarity and sound dynamics we were most interested in with Mobius are still to be found in Benrose. The lower half of the spectrum, in particular, is free from any stigma. We are particularly impressed by the breathtaking depth of the bass – which certainly benefits from the very generous width of the membranes (10 cm), which is activated by Planar magnetic technology. Although the frequency response is slightly lower than 60Hz, the presence of low frequencies and the physical impact are quite dramatic. It is very useful for recording games and movies with big shows, as its LFE channel takes a huge amount of spectrum without crushing it. But listening to music and knowing how to benefit from it is a rare clarity with these bass drum hits.

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