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At the start of the steam deck, it was not possible to keep the dock for the TV

At the start of the steam deck, it was not possible to keep the dock for the TV

Delivered to its first buyers in a few days, Steam Deck will be introduced as a portable console above all else. The dock that allows you to become a home console is not yet ready.

In The next few hoursFirst people need to get their hands on it Steam platformUltraportable PC from Valve, which takes a look Nintendo-Switch Inside XXL version. The long-awaited Its announcement in 2021, Includes everything from the Ultimate Portable Console for PC Gamers. Looks like they’re already there Long delivery time Steam Deck has been enjoying pre-orders since its inception.

Thanks On the edge, We found a description we missed on February 24, 2022. Offered as a hybrid product, designed for home use, the steam deck output is delivered without a dock. This accessory, sold separately, will not be ready until spring.

Possibility of connection via HDMI cable

Sold from 419, the steam deck connection is sold without dock. On the other hand, unlike Nintendo, its console locks the connection possibilities to the maximum, with the valve still very open. Theoretically, from HDMI to USB Type-C cable, SteamTech should be allowed to connect to the TV. The Early adopters So it can play on the big screen from the beginning of the product.

However, the lack of an official dock on the shelves is not necessarily disappointing. Ultra-complete (three USB-A, one USB-C, one Ethernet, one HDMI, one display port), the Steam Deck dock has the potential to turn into a real home console. While this did not improve the graphics quality of the games, it did help the Steam deck establish itself as a “normal” product. After several months of growth, it is unfortunate that it was not in the beginning.

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Steam Tech Doc is not available on console release. // Source: Valve

Will SteamTech win its race despite the high expectations of the players? Over the next few days, you need to know more about the size of the product from the valve, which can be severely frustrating if something goes wrong. Delivery time is now several months.