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At the age of 8, he developed video games for Nintendo's famous Nintendo console.

At the age of 8, he developed video games for Nintendo’s famous Nintendo console.

CG, April 8, 2021, at his home in Nantes – J. Urbag / 20 minutes

  • For three years, CJ and his dad have been designing video games for the Ness console.
  • The highly successful Kubo 3 has also been sold to enthusiasts and collectors, while the Japanese version will be released in a few days.

If he hadn’t kept his mask on throughout our meeting (except for the photo) we could easily have trusted ourselves In the 90s. Because at age 8, some kids are still having fun in front of Ness, this vintage game console
Nintendo This is what makes today’s Quattros nostalgic. AT
Nantes, CG is even stronger, because the 2D character that the little guy moves with his rectangular control is completely out of his imagination. Since its launch in France and the United States late last year (150 bullets produced were sold for 35 euros, especially to collectors and enthusiasts), its own game Kubo 3 will be available in Japan. In a few days. He has already received the first orders.

Educated at CE2, the boy became an employer SJ Games About three years ago. His dad, an IT developer, was interested at the time
au retrogaming And invents software called Ness Maker, which enables the popular console to “easily create new games”. “I drew Kubo on a piece of paper, a cowboy in green, people mistakenly thought it was a tortoise,” CJ laughs, holding everything in his pockets. On the computer, I drew it in pixels, in different positions. “Little by little, the boy invented obstacles to avoid monsters, decorative elements” like Lego “, created to create an entire universe.

Real teamwork

For a year, weekends and holidays, sometimes two or three hours in a row, the couple focuses on everything, screen after screen. The purpose of the game? “You have to find four crystals to save the villagers who were kidnapped by an evil mole,” CG declares. He and his father, 41 years old, promise that this is a real teamwork, with the added qualification of being “an activity that unites us.” “I guided him, especially helping him with technique To the code, Says CJ’s father, who oversees communication and marketing. I allowed him to manage all the creative and animation part. “Until you meet someone, the bracket allows you to go to the bottom of it
Video Game Studio.

“Despite the somewhat complicated housing stretch”, the little CJ is also assertive, not discouraging. After his mother asked the Japanese for a translation of his game on Famicom (Equivalent to Ness), he dreams of a Kubo 4 today, which he will build on his new iPod, funded by the first sale. Boy, playing football,
l’origami And piano, don’t plan to stop there. Regarding his professional future, he admits that he has already “thought about this many times” உண்மையில் “Actually, I’m a lot hesitant,” says the schoolboy. Is it the creator of games … or an inventor! “



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