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Monster Hunter Rice on the Nintendo Switch is truly the best of all time

Monster Hunter Rice on the Nintendo Switch is truly the best of all time

Four million copies were sold worldwide in three days of launch. Monster Hunter Rice on the Nintendo Switch today succeeds in the difficult task of making the best monster hunting simulation even more popular. Capcom’s game is revealed and very rich. It does not drop the frantic and deep gameplay, which does not allow shortcuts, but at the same time smooths out some angles that were too long with a learning curve in the Monster Hunter series. Makes Wire Insect Conflicts More Powerful, Fury Mode is Fun, New Features Introduced Set Better Hooding Game


Monster Hunter Rice has added new game dynamics that allow you to navigate through the air like a bug, controlling monsters, new comrades, new comrades like Canine and new characters for an unforgettable gaming experience. Also, thanks to the diversity of Nintendo Switch family consoles, it can become small in one gesture for housewives, and hunters can play both locally and online alone or in company.

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Interested in monster cooking

To better understand what we are talking about, Chef Hirohiko Shota, the official ambassador of Japanese cuisine in Italy, created his recipe for sunshoku tango and small Japanese dumplings. In this recipe three balls of Japanese mozzarella rice flour are mixed with granulated sugar and warm water and then placed on a stick. Sanshoku Tango is usually a spring dessert that is distinguished by three colors that distinguish them: white, pink (which refers to the cherry blossoms that characterize the Japanese spring) and green (the color associated with nature and the season of “awakening insects”, as the Japanese often call it). Within Monster Hunter Rice, tango is the traditional food of the village of Kamura, and players can enjoy them before each hunt, as well as other delicacies of Chief Chef Yomoki.

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