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At Pharma Con Nintendo Switch

At Pharma Con Nintendo Switch

Of his many animated adventures, the good Winnie the Pooh He got out of bed full of good intentions. However, after trying the first exercises of an ambitious morning gymnastics, his physical endurance was crushed to an exotic melody. So, before snatching back the sweet nectar of the bees, the character nodded happily: “I will play, but I already think about what I want; I can no longer look hungry, I’m fat and round pooh!“Well, if you’ve been more sympathetic to AA Milne’s bear for the past few months, you’ve transformed your homes into a unique re-enactment of a hundred acres of wood, filled with jars of honey – or panetone, pastira, nugget, Sicilian cannoli.

After the first visit Fitness boxing His Nintendo Switch In 2018, the software house returns exclusively with the Japanese console Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm & Exercise. By combining the universe of boxing with rhythm games, the title is aimed at those who are looking for a way to fit within the walls of their home. After an intense session of Forehand, Hooks, Uppercut and Dodge, we temporarily put down the Joy-con gloves to give you an account of this imperfect, yet fun experience.


At the Nintendo Switch you start wiping your fists in the direction of your TV, no major arrangements are required. After freeing up enough space and wearing the shirt and shorts, this is enough to actually anchor Joy-Con On the wrist with special laces that are ready for action. Unlike other video games aimed at supporting physical exercise such as the popular Ring Fit Adventure (learn more, here is our Ring fit record for a switch), Fitness Boxing2 It does not require special equipment And relies solely on the Nintendo console controllers’ ability to recognize movements made by the player.

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At the first start, the topic provides a training session, after which you will be asked to enter data such as weight, age and goals. These and our preferences will be used later Personal trainer Virtual to define the most appropriate training routine. For example, the desire to develop endurance opens up a series of intense exercises, while the pace becomes much smoother if you want to be fit.

You can choose which part of the body to focus on during the session (chest, hips, abdomen, legs, calves or whole body, without specific preferences) and the duration required for our routine, from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 48. Minutes. Adding a pre- and post-functional stretch session is also optional – however we would like to recommend – in addition to activating the daily alert, the Nintendo Switch is an exercise that signals time to set aside some healthy time.

The Custom mode Fitness Boxing 2’s, as expected

As described, it offers an admirable ability to adapt to each player’s needs and free time, with a gradual introduction to a variety of exercises and movements. It starts with the basic dynamics of security level, direct and the like Jab, Then go for hooks, capital letters, dodges and moving attacks. The initial impact with the proposed dynamics, especially for beginners, may create some confusion, however: it seemed urgent to us to maintain the first steps, rhythm and other basic elements of presenting the posture, as the digital trainer could not always fully explain the required procedures.

Much of the attention is instead devoted to the interpretation of more complex dynamics, which will be learned with reasonable simplicity, now thanks to the familiarity gained with Fitness Boxing 2. By continuing to practice, gradually more detailed procedures will open up, in addition to the dynamics associated with it. Footnotes, Tips, Paris and Dodges. If in doubt, always use the part Basic, Which should focus on reviewing the moves already learned.

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However, our goal will always be the same: Run the required strokes in a timely manner With on-screen toggle icons. Despite this, a table that expands quickly ensures a varied and pleasant experience. Do not be fooled by the first sessions, in which the on-duty trainer will tell you to do simple movements: Fitness Boxing 2 can easily test physical endurance! Combo quickly sees alternate attacks, barricades and dodges ensures the right amount for both fatigue and entertainment.

Once you know the list of exercises proposed by Rhythm Game, you can explore the dedicated areaFree tutorial. Here you can create a customized routine, chaining multiple exercises to get the desired workout, choosing between intense and light activities. The mechanism is simple and intuitive, with duration and session-related muscle-related symptoms always highlighted.

At any time, it is possible Change your own identity and appearance Personal trainer, Refers to their choice in the reasonable selection of potential coaches and coaches. In addition to the differences in aesthetics and voice, each of these provides a slightly unique approach to player-driven motivation: however, these are not particularly relevant variables. Finally, we point to the possibility of that Dedicate yourself to training at the company, Thanks for the Fitness Boxing 2 support for the second player.

Rhythm, but with some jogging

In the face of a traditional but interesting framework, Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Fitness presents itself as a poorly finished product, offering an overall fun function capable of entertaining aspiring athletes in the home environment. Many flaws In fact, they prevent the topic from qualifying as an unacceptable experience.

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The first example of this Motion reading mode Of the player. The standards proposed by Joy-Khan proved to be very different. Depending on the training considered, combining with the demands of Fitness Boxing 2 can be as immediate or somewhat labor intensive as marching. In the face of extreme precision that requires certain gestures, other movements, especially different types of punches are confused, and imperfect executions are often considered to be executed. The problem manifests itself above all in the most energetic and complex practices, during which the player loses the ability to adjust posture and gestures.

Definitely an important point of production too Music component. As you progress through your training sessions you can open up a selection of twenty tracks. Variety, on paper, has traces, rather than good This is my life Bon Jovi O. Born into the wild Transforming with Stephenwolf Break Free Presented by Haryana Grande e Hot and cold Presented by Katy Perry.

Unfortunately, only songs are available Small appreciative versions Midi, Arrangements are not particularly detailed. For a rhythm game, obviously, this is the hardest choice to engage in, which greatly reduces the potential fun of fitness boxing 2 sessions.

A volatile focus in this regard is also noteworthy Coordination between the rhythm and soundtrack of the exercises Project. In some situations, the two dynamics actually seemed more compatible to us, while other procedures were more successful. Little did he care Game Scene, Training sessions and desserts that unfold in the background of a particular choice are made up of particularly exciting or exotic settings such as the mountains or the anonymous tropical beach.