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He opens a new Nintendo 64DTD development kit in 2021

He opens a new Nintendo 64DTD development kit in 2021

It will take everything you know. It takes everything, and it’s true. It takes everything to create a world. This very philosophical concept applies to the world of console and video game collectors as well. Some focus on open, already in use, or incomplete products. Others prefer new products that look like they came out of the factory. Thanks to these, sometimes at least rare things can be found.

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Shane Lewis, one of the personalities behind the YouTube channel Reese, recently received a surprise request from a video game collector (who wanted to remain anonymous). The latter actually asked for help documenting the contents of a new Nintendo 64DT development tool.

The Nintendo 64 floppy drive combination was only released in Japan, and on a smaller scale it does not run on the streets. So this concept is even more true when it comes to its development tool. Needless to say a new Nintendo 64DT development kit is very rare.

In a series TweetSo, Shane Lewis presents what the developers who got an N64DD upgrade tool got when they got the box. Documents, everything from adapters to development boxes and disks (and their labels sticking to you), are all there. Photos of the process are available In our gallery below.

This is a story of failure

Those who already have a Nintendo 64 game or 64 DT on hand may notice some differences with the products offered to the general public (screws used in cartridges, blue on development tool, etc.). Note also the adapters that allow you to insert two bullets simultaneously on the same Nintendo 64.

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As a reminder, the Nintendo 64DT was released in Japan in late 1999 and has been commercially exploited for over a year. More than 15,000 copies have been sold, and the Nintendo 64DT owns only nine games (all other games scheduled or announced on the system have been canceled, “normal” shipped to the Nintendo 64 or transferred to another console). Therefore, everything suggests that the chances of seeing the new 64DT upgrade tool, which is already in short supply, will not increase.