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New Horizons time travel controls reinstalled by Nintendo

New Horizons time travel controls reinstalled by Nintendo

Winter update Animal trafficking: New frontiers Recently released on Nintendo Switch, and it will allow players to participate in the game’s Turkey Day and Toy Day events. However, players who have called the game’s “time travel” option have found that Nintendo has re-established the limits of its ability to do so. With the new update, the company has prevented players from moving their calendars forward to participate in these events. Players can still travel to earlier holiday events such as Halloween, but playing events such as Turkey Day and Toy Day is not an option at this time.

It should be noted that the current pattern is how events were initially handled New horizons; Players were unable to advance to the holiday events as the system registered online to verify the date of the game card prior to the event. For recent events, that restriction seems to have been relaxed, but now it has been re-established for Turkey Day and Toy Day.

Time travel has long been a controversial aspect of animal rights, and in practice fans are divided. Since the first game was released on GameCube, players have been using the internal clock to participate in events ahead of time. Some time-traveling fans like to play at their own pace, but the Nintendo Switch makes it easy for players to upload and share content. This played a role in Nintendo’s decision-making, and its efforts reduced the chances of players spoiling holiday events for others, inadvertently or in any other way.

However, this is not the only way Nintendo has set limits on time travel. Previous animal abduction games have already been released with all the holiday content in the game, New horizons Instead, it publishes those events as game updates. This not only helped to prevent spoilers related to the content of the game, but also to keep the players involved in the game. Animal trafficking: New frontiers Re-released in March, but it is clear that the game is very popular. If holiday content had been able to be viewed and shared with everyone beforehand, some of the appeals of those events might have been reduced.

Animal trafficking: New frontiers Available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can see all of our previous coverage of the game here.

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