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"ASL is downloading this issue on Doe 4" - Turin Today

“ASL is downloading this issue on Doe 4” – Turin Today

“After our request, we agree that Councilor Icardi will finally meet with the mayors’ representation within the ASL TO4. When he responds in the room, he is relieved of all responsibility. The Regional Councilor confirms it Alberto Avetta (BT), On the edge of the debate Question time With Councilor Icardi asked to meet with mayors and unions..

“According to Icardi, the region has fully accomplished its programming tasks: now the responsibility of management rests with the general manager, who must find a better solution, as has already happened in other ASLs where DPs have reopened. Honestly, we do not see what the new director could have done better in 2 months, the third director going through the selection of the third councilor Icardi who served in Monza in May for 3 years. As anyone with minimal management experience knows, these close changes will definitely not improve the performance of ASL TO4. “

Not in Scorpeta today, we can ask to solve the problem of staff shortage, while at the same time we can ask the Piedmont region to make some additional recruitment that will cause important problems like Kyrgyzstan. We hope that some good news may come from the meeting between Icardi and the mayor. Avetta concludes.

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