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Some people know that these 3 reasons may be the reason why WiFi is slow

Some people know that these 3 reasons may be the reason why WiFi is slow

Whether we have the latest generation ADSL or Fiber subscription, WiFi creates problems for us. In some rooms the signal seems to be weak and we are not able to watch our movie streaming comfortably. It doesn’t seem possible if we pay all the money we pay for the subscription. Here, today we will see what can interfere with the wifi signal and how to fix it.

Development of WiFi speed

In recent years, this technology has made great strides. The speed of wireless networks has now come close to the speed of an Ethernet cable. Goes from a few Mb / s to 1Gb / s. Something that seemed impossible until a few years ago is what we are today WiFi6.

Some people know that these 3 reasons may be the reason why WiFi is slow

But even though we have everything we need to get the most out of our WiFi network, we can’t do that and don’t understand what the reason might be. In theory, in fact, we could watch a video in 4K without issue, instead the streaming would continue to freeze and not bring back silence.

The first thing is the location of the router

It may seem unbelievable, but it’s important in terms of performance. This is where ADSL or cable usually comes in Vision fiber. It is not moved to other points where very long cables are required to connect. Even if it is not at its best, we can use some tricks. Do not close it in any cabinet as it may cause a problem with the signal. We place it at the highest point of the room as the WiFi waves propagate downwards better.

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Many devices are connected

We all have a smart home now. Television, sound system, cameras, voice assistants. The problem is, they use the same channel as the WiFi router, overloading it and creating interference. Newer devices warn of the problem, telling you to change the channel from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Don’t forget to do this if we want the best performance.

Finally, the latter cause is directly related to the former. Routers or devices are now obsolete or obsolete. So they cannot handle new protocols and create signal problems.

So, some people know that these 3 reasons may be the reason why WiFi is slow. We always check the router settings and remember to check the microwave. This tool can, in fact, interfere with the signal, which we already talked about in a previous article: “Hard to believe but that’s right, the WiFi signal will not work best if this device is running”

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