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Steam Battlefield 2042 Beta, How to Download It?  - Breakflip

Steam Battlefield 2042 Beta, How to Download It? – Breakflip

Players will be able to download Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, available this weekend, as electronic arts games return to the Steam site.

Some time ago Electronic Arts made its games available again Steam. In an upcoming release Battlefield 2042 Players no longer need to use Origin and can start the game directly from the valve base. Additionally, Battlefield 2042’s open beta can be booked and downloaded via Steam.

Battlefield 2042 Beta must be downloaded on Steam Players Go to the game page and ask for access. Once provided is sufficient Start downloading the game in the library.

How to Download Battlefield 2042 Beta on Steam?

The process for downloading Battlefield 2042 Open Beta on Steam is slightly different from the others. In fact, players must first request access before viewing the game available in the library. Find the steps to follow below.

  • Sign in to Steam Or create an account.
  • Go to page Battlefield 2042 store.
  • Go down a little Click Access for request.
  • Once access is granted, go to Library And Start the download (Context 20 Go).

However, do not worry about the access request, it is delivered automatically and a message will appear on the screen immediately.

As a reminder, 2042 Beta can be played on the battlefield from October 6th

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