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LoL: Aurelion Sol Revamp: Riot Reveals New Mechanic That Makes It Unique!

LoL: Aurelion Sol Revamp: Riot Reveals New Mechanic That Makes It Unique!

Riot Games doesn’t want to slow down the pace of new stuff League of Legends . While we’re still focused on Nila’s release and the arrival of the Star Guardian event, the developers have decided to give us a first look at one of the most anticipated reworks in their MOBA history. Aurelian Sol will receive major changes to his abilities in the future, opening the door to the rebirth of “old” champions. The developers of the American studio wanted to show the first details of the huge star dragon that threatens the Summoner’s rift (well, technically it is bound by revelations. [0 erreur sur le nom] Targan’s).

Riot wants to make Aurelian Oasis the “God of Space”.

The first thing Riot Games wanted to remember was the paradoxical situation of Aurelian Soul: the character design is one of the highest ranked of all League of Legends champions, yet it’s not used much in the game. According to the developers, this situation does not satisfy them, because they consider him one of the most interesting heroes in terms of personality and story. So, the big goal is to have his power reflected in the Summoner’s split A unique kit will evolve endlessly and shine in the final games.

Aurelian Sol’s design is one of the most appreciated by the community

This dynamic development toward the final minutes of the game is not tied to a mechanic already implemented in the game. Senna, Veiger, or Nasus gain stats with passives that increase some of their abilities or their general power. However, Aurelian Soul will increase in size during gameplay. He won’t grow up to be some kind of cruel sad, but his talents will make him grow. As the minutes pass or he levels up, The space he can control will increase significantly Reaches the point of casting a spell capable of occupying an entire lane (width only).

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We wanted to do something amazing that lived up to the expectations of the community when the character was first introduced (…) We wanted players to feel like a space god in the late game. “, explained the rebel responsible for this update. This, at least, is a given Importance of character In League of Legends history, it is considered to have created the world of Runeterra in the story. Although he ultimately failed, he was the successor to Ao Shin, the most popular void champion of all time, and there were players who had been waiting for his release for over three years, making the result a huge disappointment.

This will be one of his skills at the start of the game... - League of Legends
This will be one of his skills at the start of the game…
...this is how it will be for the last few minutes - League of Legends
…that’s how it’s been for the last few minutes

Beyond some interesting mechanics and flair, its functions are yet to be revealed, Rite Games declined to provide further details. Aurelion Sol in rework, but it’s interesting that they decided to show it for the first time, it seems that the project is on the right track. The type of update the character will receive is called a CGU (Critical Gameplay Update) and represents an important update, but only at the level of gameplay, and this is the first time Riot Games will complete this type of process. If successful, they have confirmed that they may set up other “workshops” of the same type.

There’s still time for this new version of Aurelian Sol to arrive in Summoner’s rift. Thanks to official reports from Riot Games, we know that the next big update of the old champion coming to League of Legends will be the Udyr overhaul, after which there will be a hiatus at this level. What the developers have confirmed is that a New Champion Roadmap More details about the character will be revealed in the coming months.


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League of Legends has a very established competitive scene with a very developed backbone. But a new rule could come to turn everything upside down. The latter is being tested in China and we can’t wait to see the results.