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Are these apps still on the iPhone?

Are these apps still on the iPhone?

Apps on the iPhone are not always your friend and helper. But which apps want to access data and really exclude Apple users? The ranking of sinners is long.

A few users are carefree on their personal data. But if you have ever wondered what applications there are IPhone Collect and send most of the data you have CloudStorage company pCloud The work is now taken and an information ranking is provided “Bad finger” from Apple App Store.

These iPhone apps are real data sinners

As a result, it is better for the concerned iPhone users to stay away from it Instagram And Facebook To allow. Not only do both applications come from the same company, but most of the data is fully accessible, both shared with third parties and for their own purposes. In the end, the first place goes to the favorite toy of influence around the world. The parent company, which has the most widely used social network in the world, is lagging behind. On Instagram in the first place, pCloud is still on the record:

“Instagram shares 79% of your data with other companies. Includes everything from purchase information to personal data and browsing history. No wonder you have so much advertised content in your feed. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, it is worrying that Instagram shares so much data from its unknown users. “

So: If you like your data, you should not be an influential model or network with thousands of “close” friends online.

Image: pCloud

Among the top 10 worst data octopuses, there are other very popular apps used in this country. For example, train use Railroad, Auction site EBay, Professional Network Center Or Twitter And Web light. What is remarkable is that it has become more and more popular recently Delivery services Strongly represented – Uber Eats, Just Eat and Delivery not only deliver delicious food, but also access a lot of data.

If you want to get started on Instagram, you need to share data:

Can it be removed or kept immediately?

Do you want to run all these applications? AppleRemove mobile phone? Maybe it will take more time because even though all these applications have access to data properly, it is not malicious malware. However, in the end, every user has a piece Self-responsibilityWhat and how much data do you want to share? They have nothing to allow themselves IOS settings The Conveniently manage application access rights. A proper view of it may help.

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