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Android: Fit the app on the screen – how it works

How to manage apps on Android?

Under Android you can adjust one app on the screen and lock all other apps. We show how application pinning works.

If you are yours Android phone Send it briefly to someone, and if you want to protect your privacy you can adjust the screen to a specific application.

This ensures that others do not have access to other applications and thus use personal functions and only the application of their choice.

This functionality can be useful if you borrow your phone briefly for a call or for media applications like Spotify and YouTube at a party or other meeting.

The screen-mounted app can be easily released with a swipe gesture. Before Android can open the screen again, you need to enter the PIN or open the device using the biometric check.

The following sections show you how to enable screen lock and how to use it to fit applications.

If you have enabled the application matching function as described, you can use it to prevent switching to other applications in a few simple steps.

In addition to pinning applications You can also enable Android Concentration Mode. However, this method is less secure because it can be disabled without authorization.

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