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Arcade Paradise

Arcade Paradise gets new release date and trailer – ntower

Welcome to Arcade Paradise, the arcade adventure of the retro 90s. Ashley decides to change the family washer and bring something exciting to the sleepy Grindstone City! Stay one step ahead of your dad, manage profits and invest and create your own arcade paradise!

From rags to millionaires … really!

Take a laundry full of boring jobs like washing clothes and picking up trash and turn it into a lush arcade with the best games in town earning tons!

Insert a coin

More than 35 arcade games, all with their own game elements, stories, missions and leaderboards! Inspired by 3 decades of video games from the early vector games to the 32-bit era.

Prepare for a new challenge

Insert a second coin, team up with friends and play multiple games with 4 local players against each other.

Climb the leaderboard

Prove yourself in every game, enter your initials, make your favorite arcade game more popular and climb the online leaderboard!

Soundtrack suitable for a cassette collection

The soundtrack covers the heart of the past with hits inspired in the early 90s. Enjoy individual games or pick your favorite songs in the jukebox.

The best gaming era

Welcome to the 90s, if you smell this game, it’s lovingly recreated everything from the appearance of arcades with the smell of memories to the brand new PC with crazy dial-up connection.

Gerald on the Riviera

Doug Cock (who played the voice actor in “The Witcher” series “Victor Vron”) plays Ashley’s annoying father. Since he is so busy on the Riviera to take care of King Wash, Gerald will often call you, give you good advice, and keep reminding you to fix the toilet.

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