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4 hard games for your youth to celebrate their return

4 hard games for your youth to celebrate their return

Rock-Heavy and Pure Nostalgia: 4 Disney games coming to Nintendo Switch. (Image source: Nintendo, Getty Images / Ben Jingel)

Four of the toughest platforms of the 90s return to the Nintendo Switch. Do you face your frustration with comfort or do you want to face well-known situations? Find out soon.

Nintendo Switch and Disney bring the classic collection

Nintendo and Disney offer you all the packages of popular platforms. The four-course menu should include “The Lion King”, a pinch of “The Jungle Book” and two “Aladdin” dishes.

Why bother twice? Two different games have been released for the film: one for the Sega Mega Drive, then added with Game Boy, and the other by SNES, created by Capcom.

From the outside the game should look like this:

The final Disney collection for the Nintendo Switch.

The final Disney collection for the Nintendo Switch.

November Game Collection under the name “Disney Classic Games Collection” This set will be enjoyable for anyone with the steel veins that appear and the option for a little nostalgia. (Source: Vokes)

But beware – inaccurate controls already have some streamers Brought to white heat:

Not already in the game?

The concept of the game collection may be familiar to some. It could be Nintendo Already two years ago Has released a very similar game: “Disney Classic Games” – without the “collection” attached to the title.

This only includes Aladdin game for Lion King and Game Boy or Sega Mega Drive. Added to the new collection is Aladdin Game and Jungle Book Game for SNES.

So far, unfortunately I do not know Can owners of the first game buy new content as DLCs. In the worst case scenario, they would have to buy a new package again – but Nintendo might have thought about it.

Are you looking for new games? You can find what we are looking for in our September:

The popular 16-bit operating system is bundled with the Nintendo Switch. Half of the Disney games are new and should be released in November. Are you ready to accept the challenge again?

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