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Apple urges you to download more iOS 15 compared to recent months

We think the new iOS 15 update was a small revolution in many respects, especially the Shareplay feature in FaceTime, the concentration mode, the summary of announcements, and the opening of FaceTime dialogs outside the Apple ecosystem. .. If the latest version is sure, many users have not yet switched to iOS 15. This situation is a little annoying for Apple, which has decided to be at the forefront.

Apple will encourage you to switch to iOS 15

In September 2021, Apple is there Exchange How update installation works on iPhone and iPod. Previously, for a user who did not want to install the latest version, there were no further updates until they cracked, which may cause related issues. Security. With iOS 15 and iOS 15.1, Apple has offered to stay on iOS 14 as it continues to download security updates.

If the change was well received by the Apple community, the California-based company now recognizes this sophisticated technology. Upgrading to iOS 15 is not recommended, Rather she can sometimes Provocation Users should be on the old software version when using new features.

ios 14 ios 15 downgrade

As pointed out Macroemers, Apple’s patience seems to have waned a month ago for those avoiding iOS 15 …

A new approach has been implemented and the iOS 15 update is now placed at the bottom of the screen In the middle of the screen If your device is compatible with iOS 15, Apple has ruled out the possibility of installing iOS 14 security updates.
In other words, Apple has resumed its behavior. “Rude“To push you to upgrade to the latest update.
Apple has returned to this good old habit since its introduction iOS 15.2.

If you have not yet installed iOS 15, we strongly recommend that you do so, and you will find one Meeting From Features Makes you feel like you’ve purchased a brand new iPhone.
The update is very complete and we see the bulk 250 new products As always Stability, From Performances And No vulnerability On your autonomy.

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