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Safari 15 bêta

Apple is inviting some users to download Safari 15 Beta

Apple invites many MacOS Big Sur and Catalina users to try out the Safari 15 beta, which will be released in conjunction with MacOS Montessori this fall.

Safari 15 Beta

Safari Technology Preview is a beta version of Apple’s web browser designed for developers that includes beta features not yet available in the final version. However, this year Appleseat program is also available in Safari 15 beta for users.

Safari 15 introduces a new browsing experience that integrates the address bar with the tab bar. To achieve this, Apple hid a few buttons on the main interface, and tab management changed dramatically, which did not protect many users after the introduction of MacOS Montessori.

Following complaints, the company redesigned some components of the new Safari interface. At the moment, the new integrated design is optional, and users can use the web browser with the old tab menu experience. For these reasons, Apple is inviting more users to share and send comments before the final version of Safari 15, in order to understand which path to take with the various new features of the user interface.

Unfortunately, there is no way to sign up for the Appleseed program because Apple roughly chooses which users to invite to try the beta software. Guests will receive an email from the Appleseed website detailing how to download the beta version of Safari 15.

Even if you are not asked, if you want to install a new Mac on your Mac before upgrading to MacOS Monterey, you can Download the latest version of Safari Technology Preview. Please note that this may include additional features that are not immediately available in the official version of Safari 15.

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