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How does Microsoft Air Simulator work on Xbox Series S?  Two video comparisons with Series X -

How does Microsoft Air Simulator work on Xbox Series S? Two video comparisons with Series X –

Microsoft Flight Simulator Has been on Microsoft consoles today, but so far the reviews have focused mainly on the Xbox Series X, so let’s see how Azobo Simulation works Xbox Series S A couple Video comparisons Published online.

I Doubts How the Xbox Series S can support Microsoft Flight Simulator is very reasonable, it has less hardware capability than the Xbox Series X, which is far from even the most advanced configuration of the PC world, which requires simulation to look its best.

The first reviews, in which we saw star ratings confirming an excellent boarding function, focused mainly on the edition Xbox Series X.So, the suspicion of how the title works on the small console will persist, so in the meantime it will be interesting to see these two video comparisons released in the last few hours.

The first video uploaded to IGN’s YouTube channel compares the Microsoft Flight Simulator to the Xbox Series X and Series S versions in different scenarios and settings: Resolution Less commonly visible than the Series S version, but even on this platform the general effect is more interesting and positive.

The second video was released by Obsidian & Channel and further compares Performance More clearly by locating aircraft over challenging environments such as the FBS and major cities. Again, there is an advantage in terms of Xbox Series X performance, but the Xbox Series S version is still in admirable range.

For all information on this, see Xbox Series X | We refer you to our review of the Microsoft Flight Simulator on the S.

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