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Apex Legends is finally available on the Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends is finally available on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners can try their hand at Battle Royale, Apex Legends created by Response Entertainment from today.

See if the sauce takes over

Apex Legends officially launched on the Nintendo Switch last night. As previously announced, Response Entertainment worked with the panic button for this port, which was a studio that also worked on Rocket League and Doom Port. The switch version is slightly lower in terms of resolution and frame rate. Apex runs at 720p and 30FPS when using TV mode, but the resolution can be reduced to 1024 x 576 in mini mode. Switch users will have access to the crossover from the start, and will enable it to partner with players on other platforms.

The prestigious PATH skin for Pathfinder will be offered to all players who first experience Switch on Apex Legends between the game release and the end of Chaos Season 8, Chaos on May 4, 2021.

Released on February 4, 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox, Battle Royale and Electronic Arts from Respon Entertainment Studios will win new players today; Apex Legends is available today, Tuesday, March 9, at Nintendo Switch, with full support for cross-stage play, integration of the most recent seasonal content and similar to other versions of the game.

Completing the Apex Legends port for a device with a smaller screen is a real technical challenge, we could not have done this without our friends on the panic button. We are proud of what the whole team has achieved, and we have made some brilliant changes to this switchboard, which will provide a flawless mobile experience for all Apex Legends fans.

In addition, since the release of Apex Legends will take place on the Nintendo Switch after the start of Season 8, the first 30 levels of Season 8 Combat Pass will be open for free to all players who purchase them. For the first two weeks of launch, you get dual XP by playing Apex Legends on Switch.

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