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[Review] Say no! Also – a game to learn to say no

It would be refreshing to remember that in a world where so many more things are imposed on us, without really asking our opinion, we can say no. This is the funny point Say no! Further, The latest German game from Studio Bispin, published by Thunderful Publishing. Should we say yes or no to this game of a new genre?


As a new coach for a large company, you are running for your job on your first day. The situation in this workplace is clear from the beginning: it will not be a very good place. Here, everyone should answer “yes” to the requests of colleagues and managers. Whether it’s for photocopies, bring coffee or give your lunch to a forgotten chef. This situation is obviously complicated by the fact that you have nothing to eat for the first lunch with your colleagues.

You can find a walker on a magic cassette. In it, you will hear magical advice from a new type of trainer: he teaches you to say “no”. At first the burning “no” in you and the laughter at the request of the other protagonists, he will have other attitudes in his wallet to spice up your progress. Absolutely incredible situations follow, in which you play precisely the strong heads to bring down the bosses of the company.

Words for artillery balls

Say no! Also a narrative game, in which we have a very limited amount of action. You can only say “No” by pressing the button A or B. To qualify a little for our answers, we can choose the tone of this single word and stop with a certain attitude. We can smile in the face of our speechwriters or finally agree to send them. These short changes then allow the character to move on to the next situation. The movements of the character are fully automatic, the action is very fluid and the rhythm lasts.

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There is no real challenge in the game. The choice between attitudes will not have a real impact on your opponents’ reactions. Whether your “no” is annoying or frozen, the results are the same. It’s a shame, but the fun of the game in this release is to send in all the requests of others. Say no! Many more will always take you into a happy trance that will allow you to face the different cast of the multinational company you have to work for. The ultimate morality is more realistic and similar to the way we approach life. Because saying “no” will ultimately have a positive impact.

We are not saying no to the atmosphere

Say no! He has never taken himself seriously yet, and he shows it not only through the dialogues he fully passes through but also through his great polygonal graphics. The overall atmosphere of the story takes us back to the 90s, and the art movement is also inspired at this time. We are flooded with large color pixels, and the character animations add even more to the comic side of the work. Say no! Moore has an absolutely ridiculous side that ultimately makes him so much loved and gives him a real soul. The English dubbing is high quality and the subtitles are equivalent to the French translation.

We appreciate being able to customize our character by drawing from pre-designed models or by choosing different elements like ourselves. Content is an important point, you can choose a deep or high voice that is not related to a particular genre. The music of the game sets the rhythm in the atmosphere of the 80s, which brings fish and smiles.







Say no! Our only action is to say “no” to requests from our colleagues and managers in a large company. It all starts with stealing our lunch and the absurdity of the situation has only just begun. Studio Bispin’s game never takes itself too seriously and takes us on a fun and humorous adventure. Do not look for any real challenge, the goal here is to only have a good time with the characters in large pixels, which are always animated in the old fashioned way for more humorous effects. The few hours spent with the game provide a good sense of humor, which ends in a positive note that will eventually resonate in your real life.

Review Courtesy of Thunder Publishing in version 1.0.

Say no! Also available Nintendo Switch EShop 04/09/2021 to 99 14.99.