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Antonio Sequila vs. Showcare: "... he has been hunting me for 16 years"

Antonio Sequila vs. Showcare: “… he has been hunting me for 16 years”

Antonio Sequila vs. Showcare: “… he has been hunting me for 16 years”. The Salerno-based actor and former model reveals a background from many years ago

His popularity, though not exclusively, is, above all, linked to an exciting and beautiful fight that took place live on an episode in January 2006. On Sunday With actor and singer Adriano Papallardo. That name is in that context Antonio Sequila Great popularity. Fifty-seven-year-old actor, originally from a city in the province of Salerno, thanked the public for participating in the third edition of the reality show in 2005. Famous Island, Then expelled during the eighth chapter.

Antonio Sequila

Zequila has had the opportunity to work in the theater, always acting in secondary roles. In 1991, at the age of twenty-seven, he participated in Brandello’s opera. Six characters Find a teacher, Directed by the elder Franco Jeffrey With such an amazing cast Enrico Maria Salerno In the role of the protagonist. After a few years of oblivion and a forced break from shows and TV shows, Jacquila In January 2020, it came into force again with the participation of the fourth edition Big Brother VIP. The Campanian actor stayed for a short time at the most spy house in Italy until he was eliminated in the semifinals of televoting. Patrick Ray Buckleys e Pavlo Ciavaro. Jacquila Voted less than other contestants with 8% preference.

In all these years, Jacquila It is often called by the colorful nicknameFamous Island She gave him the beautiful display Elena Chandrelli, Is also a contestant on a reality show. A nickname, after some time, reveals to the person concerned that he cannot bear it.

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Elena Chandrelli

Antonio Sequila and the hatred for that nickname: “I can not accept being called ‘Air Band'”

In a long interview given to the weekly magazine ‘Today‘, Jacquila She allowed herself to explode: “That nickname, ‘Air Band’, has haunted me for 16 years.Famous Island He saw me in a white boxing shorts and came up with that nonsense.

Jacquila He later joined the Roman actress and showgirl Dose: “She, on the other hand, is of Latin descent, with the words in those parts: ‘Air Year, Er Ther’. It’s a bad person’s nickname, but I wear English, and I like the blue jacket, white shirt, linen pants and black shoe.